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Splashy Silhouette Leggings

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Slinky silhouettes of flashing white notes and clefs, painted with generous splashy brush strokes, dance along these midnight-black leggings. Their outlines wink like the curves of sultry dancers behind a screen in a burlesque show. Shadowy graphics of a city nightscape encircle the horizon line of these leggings to emphasize their sleek, urban feeling.

Sidle through the city like a sexy kitten in these stunning leggings, and see how men and women alike won't be able to resist tracing the clefs and notes with their wandering eyes. These leggings are made from a blend of spandex and polyester, which gives them a good amount of elasticity to keep you feeling fluid and flexible.

Important: Please pick your size based on the table below. All measurements were made in the leggings' stretched state (i.e., while worn). Note that these leggings' sizes are smaller than standard US sizes, and that they differ from those of other items in our collection! Please be aware of our Returns & Refunds Policy.

Waist Hip Length
Size in cm in cm in cm
S 28.0 71 30.1 76.5 35.8 91
M 29.9 76 32.1 81.5 36.8 93.5
L 31.9 81 34.1 86.5 37.8 96
XL 33.9 86 36.0 91.5 38.8 98.5
XXL 35.8 91 38.0 96.5 39.9 101
XXXL 37.8 96 40.0 101.5 40.8 103.5
4XL 39.8 101 41.9 106.5 41.7 106