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When composers are toiling away in their studios — their head bent down and hair amess, stress wrinkling their brow, a cup of tea long-cooled beside their stack of manuscript paper — do they ever imagine what they would look like as a bust on someone’s piano? Beethoven surely thought about how he would look in bronze. Mozart had to have wondered just how tall his pompadour hairdo would be if carved into a statue. Chopin must have known that his bird-like bone structure would translate beautifully into resin, right?

Whether a composer sets out to become a statue or not, these big dogs of music all translate beautifully into art pieces that will be right at home in your home. Place one on your piano for some company while you practice. Maybe a shelf in your library needs a little pizazz that only a classical music composer can bring to decor. Our high-quality music statues will be a perfect fit in any room.