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Piano Poof Skirt

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This full skirt offers a buxom amount of voluptuous volume without the need to wear layers of heavy petticoats underneath. While the skirt poofs out like a ball gown, the vertical piano key design draws the eye upward to make your body and legs look slimmer and longer.

Pair this statement skirt with a simple black blouse or singlet to really bring out the bold alternating black and white design. For extra drama, go bold and wear a blouse with similarly voluminous sleeves! This skirt is made from polyester.

Important: Please pick your size based on the table below. Note that this skirt's sizes may differ from standard US sizes, and that they differ from those of other items in our collection! Please be aware of our Returns & Refunds Policy.

Waist Length
Size in cm in cm
M 25.2–33.1 64–84 24.8 63
XL 26.8–33.9 68–86 25.2 64