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Paint By Numbers "Wedding Vows"

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"I listened to your tunes from my mother's womb. You saw me take my first steps, you listened to my first words, and you witnessed my first kiss. You were always there for me, whether I cried tears of joy or of despair, whether I needed somebody to listen or to speak to me. Today, my Big Day, which we have dreamt of for so long, has finally arrived. But even though my heart is his, I know that you will always be there for me, you will always be my shoulder to lean on."

If you want to make this intimate scene a part of your home, as a display of your own deep connection with your piano, decide for this paint-by-numbers set. It includes a 20 x 16 inch (51 x 41 cm) linen canvas, three nylon brushes (small/medium/large), and the necessary paint (acrylic, various colors). Optionally, you can also include a wooden frame (some assembly required).

A variation of this image is also available as a diamond embroidery set.