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Paint By Numbers "Lavish Life"

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The snow-white cat's display of trust and satisfaction, curled up and sleeping on her loving master's piano bench, sets the mood for this painting of a richly decorated grand piano as the centerpiece of this lavish residence. The near-empty glass of wine and the lit-up candles – positioned to shed light on the still open music book – are remnants of the recent piano play by the owner, who by now has retreated to lean back and enjoy the fireplace.

To bring this expression of joie-de-vivre into your own home, decide for this paint-by-numbers set. It includes a linen canvas (choose from two sizes), three nylon brushes (small/medium/large), and the necessary paint (acrylic, various colors). Optionally, you can also include a wooden frame (some assembly required).

This image is also available as a diamond embroidery set.

Note that the smaller-sized image will have slightly less detail than displayed here.