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MouKey Bluetooth Page Turner Pedals

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Some pieces of music have perfect page turns: The phrasing and arrangement seems built for an 8x11 piece of paper, and there is no stress about making the turn before a tricky passage. Others make you break out in a cold sweat as you approach the end of a page, wondering if the fate of your musical performance teeters on the capability of a random friend you roped into page turning. Why take that chance? Bring your playing and practice to another level with the MouKey rechargeable Bluetooth page turner pedals.

Using a tablet with an automatic page turner is an eco-friendly solution, as scanning your music into your tablet reduces the amount of paper you use. This specific device has a 30-foot Bluetooth range, and it is compatible with all the standard devices (Macs, PCs, iPads, and Android tablets) and the most popular music display programs (e.g., forScore, OnSong, NextPage, MusicReader4, Teleprompt+3, Paperless Music, piaScore, and DD GigBook): Simply turn on and enable your device, and press sync! In addition, this page turner can also be used with a tablet for teleprompting or media control.

The device's pedals can be used as left and right foot switches that can emulate arrow keys, PageUp/PageDown keys, or mouse clicks. The MouKey page turner is made of high-quality black plastic, and it comes with a rechargable battery that can last 50+ hours on a single charge. A USB charging cable is included.