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Diamond Embroidery "Spellbound"

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A spell has been cast on this alluring beauty to stay trapped on a cursed island until a brave sailor can get past its ferocious guardians to rescue her, but thus far these mysterious sea creatures have engulfed every approaching brigantine in crushing waves and mercilessly dragged them to the bottom of the sea. Her only hope is to calm these sea monsters with the beguiling play of her violin and the magic piano on the shore. She has done everything she can now – will this courageous crew of seamen make it past the last and most ferocious beasts of them all?

If you, too, believe in the magical powers of music, decide for this spellbinding scene. This diamond embroidery set comes with an oilcloth canvas (choose from 6 sizes, no frame included) with a color-labeled grid, an assortment of resin diamonds in 30–45 colors (0.1 x 0.1 inches, 15–30% reserve included), and with all the necessary tools to stick them onto the canvas.

Note that smaller-sized canvases will not be able to capture all details of the image.