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Diamond Embroidery "Curious Kittens"

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"She is gone! And she… she has left the door to the melody room open! Patchy, are you sure we are allowed to…? Hey, guys, wait for me! … Rocky, Lucy, how did you get up there? Wait, if I jump onto that green chair first – hep! – and then… Hmm, what are all those black sticks lying around over here? Let's see… What if I carefully… carefully… carefully"

If you, too, love cats, decide for this playful scene. This diamond embroidery set comes with an oilcloth canvas (choose from 6 sizes, no frame included) with a color-labeled grid, an assortment of resin diamonds in 30–45 colors (0.1 x 0.1 inches, 15–30% reserve included), and with all the necessary tools to stick them onto the canvas.

Note that smaller-sized canvases will not be able to capture all details of the image.