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Diamond Embroidery "Blossom Bliss"

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In this image, one can feel the cold breeze of fresh air sweep through the open glass door and fill the room with a revitalizing gust of oxygen and the scent of the blossoming blue spring flowers. This garden and music lover has truly found a way to coalesce his two passions, by setting up his home so as to allow him to enjoy the magnificent view of his garden and the scintillating trills of the songbirds living therein from his favorite spot within the house, the piano.

If you, too, want to smell the flowers, decide for this diamond embroidery set. It comes with an oilcloth canvas (choose from 6 sizes, no frame included) with a color-labeled grid, an assortment of resin diamonds in 30–45 colors (0.1 x 0.1 inches, 15–30% reserve included), and with all the necessary tools to stick them onto the canvas.

Note that smaller-sized canvases will not be able to capture all details of the image.