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Diamond Embroidery "Beam With Joy"

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This still life features another old-English-style living room with a grand piano as the focal point of its rich interior design. The worn pages of the piano notes and the ubiquity of books in this room bear witness to the active cultural life of this residence's well-educated owner. Wide-open drapes allow a strong beam of sunlight to enter the room and shine right onto a flower that has lovingly been placed onto the piano's keyboard, brightening up both the room and the viewer's heart.

To brighten up your heart as well, decide for this diamond embroidery set. It comes with an oilcloth canvas (choose from 6 sizes, no frame included) with a color-labeled grid, an assortment of resin diamonds in 30–45 colors (0.1 x 0.1 inches, 15–30% reserve included), and with all the necessary tools to stick them onto the canvas.

Note that smaller-sized canvases will not be able to capture all details of the image.