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"Cat-itude" Wall Sticker

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Talk about cat-itude! Anyone who has met a mischievous cat knows that they love walking on unconventional surfaces. How many times has your practice session been interrupted because your favorite furry friend wanted to slide across the keys or parade over the top of your piano? That mischievous energy is captured in this fun and playful design that features cats in colorful collars having fun on the keys amidst flurries of musical notes and shapes.

This PVC plastic flat wall sticker will arrive with all pieces on a single sheet 24 x 35 inches (60 x 90 cm) in size. The design includes the piano keyboards, cats, paw prints, hearts, butterflies, notes, and treble clefs, which you can arrange in whatever way you like; the arrangements shown here are about 35 x 51 inches (90 x 130 cm) in size.