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"Beethoven" Backlit Vinyl Clock

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Ludwig van Beethoven is thought of as one of The Three B's of classical music (Bach, Beethoven and Brahms). With our Beethoven Vinyl clock, which was laser-cut out of an actual vinyl record, you can keep time with the Big B himself, who gives you his trademark smouldering gaze – maybe because he has to share the stage with the chic half-circle of piano keys to the right.

If you select the LED option (powered by the included AC adaptor that matches the standard of your country), we will also send you a remote (battery included), with which you can choose from seven backlight colors and even start a light show!

The clock is twelve inches in diameter, made of high-quality vinyl, and has a silent, quartz-based motor (driven by two AA batteries, not included) that provides a calm environment, perfect even for your bedroom. The pointers are made from durable aluminum.