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Autumn Watercolor Sheet Set

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The seasons and their changes are often used as subject matter in poetry, art and music. There are Winter’s lush snowfalls, blossoming flowers in Spring, and the heat of Summer. Autumn, however, is one of the most musically inspirational seasons. It can lend so much to artists with its changing leaves and swirls of crisp, pumpkin-scented air. The energy of Autumn is beautifully captured in our Autumn Watercolor sheet set, which features a rainbow of watercolor splatters and painted notes on the staff against a clean white background.

The set is made of a polyester/cotton blend with a 300 thread count and is available in three sizes. It consists of three pieces: one duvet cover and two pillow cases (only one for the Twin size set). No flat sheet included.

Duvet Pillow(s)
 Size inches cm inches cm
 Twin 69 x 86 175 x 218 28 x 20 70 x 50
 Queen  90 x 90 228 x 228 28 x 20 70 x 50
 King 102 x 91 260 x 230 35 x 20 90 x 51