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Affiliate Program – Tips & Guidelines

Dear Affiliate,

Thanks for signing up to our affiliate program! Whether you just signed up to refer us to your immediate friends, or whether you are a professional influencer planning to utilize your social media following to make a living, we very much appreciate your efforts in helping us grow our Piano Fan Shop. We have big plans for the future and cannot do it without people like you.

Below you will find a few tips and guidelines that will help you get the most out of our program. For detailed instructions on how to promote us on Facebook and Instagram, and for access to some graphic files that you can use, please click here.

If you have any more suggestions or requests, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Ways In Which You Can Promote Us

There are many ways in which you can promote us. The following non-exhaustive list of suggestions may serve as a good starting point to give you some ideas.
  1. Basic word of mouth – simply talk to your friends, or send out personal emails or messages.
  2. Talk about our store in your vlogs or blogs, in particular on:
    • YouTube
    • IGTV
    • Dailymotion
    • Metacafe
  3. Post about us on your social media platforms, such as:
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Snapchat
    • Pinterest
  4. Share the posts on the official Piano Fan Shop social media accounts, with your affiliate link added in your post's message. At present, we are actively posting on the following accounts:
  5. Comment in the comment sections below other people’s posts and mention our store.
  6. Mention our store in relevant discussion boards, such as:
    • Reddit
    • Quora

Rules For Keeping Things In Good Taste

Here are some rules to keep the promotion of our store in good taste, effective, pleasant to your followers, and consistent between different affiliate program participants.
  1. Watch your language and spelling.
  2. For consistency, note that our official spelling is “Piano Fan Shop” (in three words, each of them capitalized). Within sentences, say “the Piano Fan Shop” (with a lower-case “the,” unless at the beginning of a sentence).
  3. Ensure that people won't perceive your posts as spam. In particular:
    • Don’t post too frequently.
    • Add variations to your posts, for example by focussing on different products or product categories.
    • If you comment on other people’s posts, only do so if your comment answers an open question, or if your comment will be perceived as a welcome piece of information.


To allow people to find your post on hashtag-based platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, we recommend using the following hashtags:
#piano #music #shop #gift #giftshop #pianofanshop #freeshipping #blog.
In addition, you can add hashtags about specific products, such as
#beethoven #clock,
or about specific product categories, such as
#clothing #jewelry #household #accessories #arts #crafts #equipment.

Ad Graphics & Detailed Instructions

To access our growing collection of ad graphics that you can use to advertise for us, and for step-by-step instructions on how to advertise on Facebook and Instagram, please click here.

Affiliate Link, Tracking Your Progress

To get your affiliate link, and to track your progress (i.e., the sales that you generated and the payments that you receive), access your affiliate dashboard by clicking here.